Sharing corporate purpose

I recently joined an alumni event of the executive programs of Universities of Rochester / Bern on change management. The energizing presentation of Professor Richard Jolly from the London Business School outlined a disastrous situation regarding employee engagement in most of the companies. According to his numbers, 70% of employees are usually disengaged with their employers. One of the reasons for this disengagement is the fatal situation that we are all sick from constant hurry. We are overwhelmed by the huge amount of e-mails or by working almost every time around the clock. Another reason for disengagement is that most of the companies fail to find the right balance between over and under confidence. What does that mean?


How Social Media Policies can drive brand value?

Every company is faced with the challenge to give employees guidance how to handle social media in their corporate environment. Most of the large companies have Social Media Policies in place to instruct them what they could and should do. Many companies are concerned that the social media activities of their employees could potentially harm the firm’s reputation. Therefore, most of the policies are focused on legal, ethnic and reputation risks.